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Saudi Arabian Packaging Industry WLL (SAPIN) is a leading metal and plastic packaging supplier to the food, paint, industrial and aerosol industry. Promoted by the 95 year old Suhaimi group, SAPIN was incorporated in 1976 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia..

Today SAPIN has grown to become the chosen supplier for leading national and multinational companies and operates a total of 4 facilities across the U.A.E. and K.S.A

SAPIN is committed to being the premier packaging solutions provider in the MENA region, for which we use best-in-industry machineries for printing, press and assembly.

SAPIN is an active member of the Emirates Nature and WWF, owing to our commitment to sustainable growth in harmony with the environment.

Our Philosophy


Enhance our customer’s brands through world class packaging in the MENA region.


Support our customer’s and shareholder’s growth, through quality packaging solutions, delivered on time and in full.


  • Agile

  • Innovative

  • Passion for Excellence

  • Customer Centric

  • Teamwork & Responsibility


SAPIN establishes it's first factory with
-20Ltr conical line.
-4/5Ltr conical line.
SAPIN adds 3 assembly lines
1978 - 79
-1Ltr assembly line.
-165Cyl line.
-4-5Ltr Cyl line.
SAPIN adds 3 more press lines
1980 - 81
SAPIN commissions 3 more press lines to produce
-20Ltr bottoms.
-20Ltr lids.
-20Ltr ears.
SAPIN starts metal printing
SAPIN establishes in-house metal printing with
Marquees printing and a Crabtree coating line
SAPIN starts in-house studio
SAPIN establishes a state of the art studio to facilitate
pre press artwork and can layout services
SAPIN starts aerosol can manufacturing
SAPIN becomes the first manufacturer of aerosol cans
in the region, serving the air freshener and insecticide market
SAPIN establishes 2nd facility
1991 - 93
SAPIN establishes its 2nd factory, SAPIN 2, dedicated to
producing food cans
SAPIN establishes 3rd facility
SAPIN establishes its 3rd facility and adds Alu Peel off
manufacturing facilities
SAPIN manufactures plastic pails
2001 - 04
SAPIN starts plastic pail manufacturing and commissions
the following investments
-20Ltr Industrial Line.
-New Aerosol Line.
-New Print Line.
-Aerosol Cone and Dome Press.
SAPIN establishes facility in UAE
SAPIN establishes its facility in UAE, concentrating on
food and aerosol cans, aimed at serving the UAE and
new export markets
SAPIN continues expansion
SAPIN becomes first in the region to adopt Computer
To Plate technology. In addition SAPIN adds
-New Printing Line.
-5more plastic injection lines.
-2more assembly lines in SAPIN UAE.
SAPIN begins support Think Pink
SAPIN begins supporting Think Pink’s initiative to
raise awareness breast cancer and healthier living
SAPIN wins award from Fonterra
SAPIN wins award from Fonterra, New Zealand for
excellence in metal printing
SAPIN wins KRAFT Service Award
SAPIN continues expansion
2009 - 11
-SAPIN adds 2 more assembly lines to SAPIN 2.
-SAPIN adds 3 more plastic injection lines.
-SAPIN adds a new printing line.
-SAPIN adds new coating line.
SAPIN starts new 2 pc can
2009 - 11
SAPIN began the production of a “globally first” 2 piece
cheese can, featuring easy release technology, allowing
cheese to be removed with minimal effort
SAPIN wins Can of the Year Award
-SAPIN wins Can of the year, silver for 2 pc cheese can.
-SAPIN commissions state of the art 6 color printing line.
SAPIN wins Gulf Can Award
-SAPIN wins Gulf Can - Grand Design Award.
-SAPIN wins Gulf Can - Design Award, 2pc.
SAPIN celebrates its 40th year in operations
SAPIN Introduces 15L Plastic Pail
SAPIN begins commercial production of new improved
15L Plastic Pall Designed and Engineered from the
Ground Up by Understanding Customer’s Needs


From Health Care to Environment conservation, we are committed to achieving our vision through working in harmony with the environment and society. We believe in the importance of helping others by giving back to our community.

Our main focus of community involvement includes health awareness and environmental conservation.

Through our humble steps we aim to be a positive influence to the society we are a part of.




SAPIN has 3 manufacturing facilities in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and 1 in Dubai — U.A.E.

Depending on your requirements, SAPIN can serve you from a location that is in line with your requirements.

SAPIN United Arab Emirates

National Industries Park, Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone: +971 4 8809555

Food Can manufacturing – 3 piece cans

SAPIN Saudi Arabia

11th Cross 10 St, First Industrial City, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: +966 13 847 1322

Tin Plate Coating and Printing
Food Can Manufacturing – 2 and 3 piece cans
Coil cutting, Paint Can, Aerosol Can and Plastic packaging manufacturing